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In addition to his work on cruise ships, Niki is also a much sought after speaker for presentations to schools, civic clubs, senior citizen centers, travel clubs, libraries, literary clubs, and other groups and organizations. His PowerPoint presentations transport his audiences to sites throughout the United States and on each of the world's continents. His sizzling images and focused commentary combine geography, politics, and the remarkable history and rich tapestry of cultures that make up our world.

Tailored to the specific interests of each audience and to age groups for schools and universities, Niki's presentations clearly and concisely bring to life the world as you have never seen it before.

Samples of his more than 100 titles include:

  • Ancient Greece: Crossroads of Gods and Heroes
  • The Panama Canal: A Dream in the Minds of Men
  • Trail of the Argonauts: The Great Klondike Gold Rush
  • It's A Jungle Out There! The Wild Creatures of Amazonia
  • Where None Had Gone Before: The Race to the South Pole
  • The Balkans: Europe's "Restless Corner"
  • “We Proceeded On" - Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
  • The Normandy Invasion . . . What if?
  • Ghost Ships, Rogue Waves, and other Mysteries of the Sea
  • The First Americans: Indigenous People of the New World
  • Land Beyond the Horizon: The Faroe Islands

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Contact Information:

    Niki Sepsas
    1057 Sherbrooke Drive
    Birmingham, Alabama 35209
    Cell: (205) 937-4321
    Fax: (205) 942-5335
    Email:  nsepsas@gmail.com

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